If you are a student at El Colegio de México and you want to participate in an academic exchange as part of your program, this is the place to learn more about your options.

We hold cooperation agreements with a very wide network of partner universities, some of which have been in operation for more than a decade. All of them have proved to be beneficial for students at El Colegio de México, as well as convenient academically and logistically.



Given the very particular conditions of a student who must do research abroad for their dissertation project, the research stays are much more flexible than academic exchange programs. It’s up to the student to choose the university that better serves his research interests.. Access to services such as library, dinning halls, and housing is easier with the institutions with which El Colegio holds academic exchange or cooperation agreements, however the strongest element to consider is the personal or professional link a student has with a professor of the university he or she wishes to attend.