The ABC of

While each one of the established academic exchange programs varies in time frame and requirements, these are some point of advice that have been useful for all the students that have participated in an academic exchange or research stay program.


  • idioma


    In some of the partner institutions, aspiring students are asked to provide a language certificate such as TOEFL, IELTS, or CAE. Take the time to check if the university you want to go to requires a specific test or result , for these can be costly and, sometimes, you have to sign up for them several months in advance.

  • serv-medico


    Every student who participates in an academic exchange or research stay program outside El Colegio de México must have a medical insurance that protects him or her in case of an accident or sickness while abroad. Some institutions demand that the students have a specific one, others only suggest some options.

  • visa-pass


    The times and deadlines to get a student visa vary depending on the country. In some cases paperwork requires a lot of time, in others it is simple and expedited. It is the student’s responsibility to learn in advance about the deadlines and requirements of his or her visa at the corresponding consulate of the country where the university of choice is located.

  • becas


    In general terms, students are responsible for the funding of any academic exchange or research stay program in which they are interested in participating.

    However, it is possible to apply for scholarships from third parties, for instance the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) mixed scholarships for academic programs registered in the Registry of Quality Graduate Programs (Padrón Nacional de Programas de Calidad, PNPC), the Santander national mobility scholarships, or the Emerging Leaders Scholarships in the Americas Program (ELAP), which the Canadian government offers for exchange students in their county.

    The authorities of El Colegio de México, conscious of the importance of international mobility, support students with complementary scholarships when the budget allows it and when the student’s main funding source requires a complement.

    To learn more about the above mentioned scholarships or the requirements to receive support of El Colegio de México, get in touch with the Academic Exchange Office to schedule an appointment.

  • alojamiento


    Some universities offer housing in their dorms. To have access to this service, it is fundamental to meet the deadline and, in many cases, get ahead of them.

    In case of not being able to get housing from the educational institution, you can look for options on the Internet. We advise you to be very careful with these options and to proceed cautiously when asked to pay in advance.