Why participate in an

El Colegio de México offers its regular students the opportunity of participating in a semester-long exchange program abroad. It is also possible to do a research stay in one of the universities with which we hold an academic collaboration agreement.


These are ten reasons why participating in an academic exchange or research stay program abroad is a very good idea:

  1. Learn about yourself and become self-aware.
  2. Boost your self-confidence and independence.
  3. Learn another language.
  4. Learn about your own county.
  5. Expand your worldview.
  6. Strengthen adaptability, communications, and team-building skills.
  7. Enhance your career opportunities.
  8. Experience another culture firsthand and enhance you cross-cultural competency.
  9. Make new friends from all around the world.
  10. Travel.

Source: Stacie Nevadomski et al., A student guide to study abroad, The Institute of International Education, New York, 2013.


  • My time at the Free University of Berlin allowed me to learn from prominent professors from all around the world. The Political Science Department’s class catalogue includes courses in German, English, and Spanish, which allows exchange students to focus on unique research topics. To mention just some of them, I had the opportunity of taking “Woman, State, Nation, and the Middle East”, taught by a Palestine female professor, and “Compared Politics in Protest and Participation”, imparted by an American professor. There is a great community of Exchange students at the university, so the educative experience is complemented by contact with people from different countries and not only Germans. Also, the institution offers several extracurricular activities that promote integration and bring together all kinds of students’ interests.

    Gabriela Chágary Lammel
    BA in International Relations

  • The University of Montreal is particularly big, which complicates the exchange students’ integration. Nevertheless, my experience was good. The city is really interesting and, as all great North American Universities, the University of Montreal offers a great range of extracurricular activities that go from photography lessons to sports championships. I would recommend this University especially during the summer term.

    Gabriel Morales Sod
    BA in International Relations

  • My ten-month experience as a Fox Fellow has been gratifying and fruitful in every sense. Yale University’s resources in terms of libraries, academic materials and professors are impressive. Professors as Susan Stokes, Tariq Tachil, and Julia Adams were willing to comment on the students’ projects and research topics with true interest. I am tremendously grateful to them, for their comments turned out to be very relevant to my research. The debates and class and workshop conversations were also important. The horizontality of the discussions allowed establishing authentic dialogues with professors and fellow students. The program offers a multidisciplinary forum in which research projects can be revised, challenged, and enriched from different academic and cultural perspectives. Finally, in the personal realm, the Fox Program offers a space for identification and friendship. To share this experience with people from universities around the world turns the group into a community with authentic friendship bonds. Similarly, the warmth with which Joseph and Alison Fox’s family approaches the students contributes to this feeling of belonging and unity and awaken a great gratefulness for offering this unique opportunity.

    Laura Stevens
    MA in Political Science

  • My academic exchange program in Glendon College, York University, was a life experience, as were many of the elements that formed it. Canada and its multiculturalism. Toronto and its cosmopolitan environment. The campus and its intimate environment, with its old mansion. The Public and International Affairs MA Program with its high academic level and its practical theoretic focus. The students with their diversity, their openness and willfulness to share their local knowledge in a global context. The new friends and acquaintances. Another important part of the experience was the reflective hours allowed by the remoteness of the place of origin. The analysis and comparing of culture, politics, economics, and social dynamics among countries. The museums, the parties, the study hours, and even the simple activities of watching television or listening to the radio in another language. For all this, I thank El Colegio de México for the opportunity of growing personally, academically and, for sure, professionally on this journey.

    Horacio Tonatiuh Chavira Cruz
    MA in Political Science

  • The high level of the classes I took during my exchange program helped me acquire a solid base in gender studies, which is important not only for my dissertation but also for my professional future. I especially liked studying in such a small group (12 students), which allowed a high degree of interaction, debate, and exchange of ideas between students and professors. I also had the opportunity of discussing my research topic and receiving new ideas, critiques, and support. I really benefited from this work system and I appreciated the importance of having studied at Colegio de México. Finally, I just want to say I am truly satisfied with my stay at Colegio de México and that I have never regretted this decision. I always felt well received by the Colmex students, as well as by the professors and almost everyone that I had contact with while in Mexico. I loved living in this beautiful and warm country and I know for sure that I will be happy to come back.

    Caroline Honegger
    Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

  • El Colegio de México offers an ideal environment for study and research. The professors are highly qualified and the classes are given to small groups. The students, which had to go through a very challenging process to be admitted, are mostly brilliant. Also, Colmex is a Social Studies research pillar in Latin America, so many conferences and colloquiums are held here, which opens possibilities of working as a research assistant. Definitely, I would recommend El Colegio de México to anybody who wished to study and/or work in a stimulating and full of opportunities environment.

    Coline Ferrant
    Sciences Po Paris

  • My experience at El Colegio de México has been very positive: the academic context is truly stimulating, the professors are accessible, and the administrative staff is prepared to deal with the students’ problems. The environment at El Colegio de México favors personal relationships: during a brief stay I was able to meet many colleagues from all around the world. El Colegio is a very active cultural center, where many high level events are organized. In the last days of my stay I could attend IV International Forum about Democracy in Latin America. Last but not least the library’s services deserve a special recognition, for there I received personalized attention and support for my dissertation. About the cafeteria, it offers very good quality food at an accessible price. The structure of El Colegio de México is very beautiful, with many green areas where one can practice sports. After my experience in Mexico I returned to Italy feeling very strengthened academically and with nice memories about the people and the services that this institution offers its students.

    Andrea Busoletti
    University of Florence